Prepaid Coupons

Prepaid Coupons for Frequent Travelers:

Coupons are available on the routes of Tus Airways schedule flights only:

Larnaca – Tel Aviv – Larnaca (minimum 7 flights a week, yearly)

Larnaca – Haifa – Larnaca (minimum 4 flights a week, yearly)

Minimum purchase: 20 flights one way sectors

Price: 110 Euro per sector including Taxes.

Available for individual use only (individuals and company employees). This offer is not valid for travel agents or travel industry.

Limited number of coupons: the airline is offering a limited number of coupons and has the right to change the coupon price or terminate this offer and sales at any time.


  • 10% discount (22 flight sectors) will be credited upon purchase of 20
  • 1 luggage of 15 kg is free of charge
  • The coupon can be purchased on the company’s name.
  • Any changes concerning passenger’s name/flights/destination can be done free of charge up to 48hours before departure.
  • Open Jaw Flexibility – you can combine coupons for multiple destinations. Ex. LARNACA to TEL AVIV- HAIFA to LARNACA.
  • The coupon is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. for purchase please call: +357-24-200333