Baggage Allowance and Excess Policy

At TUS Airways, we strive to make your flight with us as comfortable as possible and to offer quick and smooth boarding.  Please take note of the Baggage Allowance and Excess Weight Policy taking into account the size and weight limits.

1. Free Baggage

The baggage allowance for passengers travelling on TUS Airways flights is defined according to the below
table.  Each individual is entitled only the below baggage allowance:






NIL (Refer to 2. below – Excess Baggage Charges)

One piece up to 8 kilos

Infants (up to 2 years old)
– not occupying a seat


pushchair and one car seat

One piece up to 8 kilos

Children (from 2 to 12
years old)/ Infants occupying a seat

Same as adult allowance



Type of Baggage

Height (cm)

Length (cm)

Width (cm)
(or depth)

Checked Baggage




Hand Baggage





The dimensions quoted refer to the bag being at an upright position (standing) and include handle, pockets and wheels. The hand bag must be able to either to be fitted into the cabin’s overhead lockers and lifted unaided or positioned below the seat.


2. Excess Baggage Charges

For all flights, the below Excess Baggage charges shall apply:



Prepaid Baggage Charges
(Online via TUS Airways website/Call Center)

Charges in Airport

Bags (up to 20 kilos)

EUR 20 / USD 25 per piece

EUR 30 / USD 30 per piece




Charges ONLY in Airport

Over 20 kgs (up to 30 kilos)

EUR 5 / USD 6 per kilo


3.Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment (Subject to space available)


All Destinations

Charges (per sector at the
Airport only)

All sporting equipment (including collapsible bicycles) up to 23kgs and 2.00m length)
such as water/snow ski, golf, bowling equipment, sporting/hunting guns, fishing, archery etc.

EUR 30/ USD 30

Diving equipment (except oxygen bottles) and all other equipment.

EUR 50 / USD 50

Sporting equipment will only be accepted if it is packed properly (so that damage is
avoided) and consists of no more than the following items:

a) Sporting/Hunting Guns can be accepted only as checked baggage or cargo provided that they are
packed in a separate weapons case. The below table charges will apply in each case. Total weight of ammunition for sporting purposes cannot exceed 5 kilos (packaging included) per passenger. Specific standards need to be fulfilled, including packaging in a solid packet (plastic or carton). For more information please contact TUS Airways Call Centre (Tel. No: +357-24-200333) or e-mail

b) Golf equipment (maximum dimensions 190cm * 75cm * 65cm):

Ø One bag (containing a maximum of 14 clubs);

Ø A dozen balls;

Ø One pair of golf shoes;

Ø A large golfing umbrella.

c) Bowling equipment:

Ø  Bowling ball;

Ø  Bowling shoes.

d) Diving equipment:

Ø One empty diving bottle (open and valve removed);

Ø One scuba regulator;

Ø Buoyancy control jacket;

Ø Mask;

Ø Pressure gauge;

Ø One set of fins;

Ø One spear gun (unloaded with spears packed separately);

Ø Snorkel;

Ø Diver’s knife;

Ø Weight belt.

NOTE:  The bottles require a special treatment, therefore all necessary information should be obtained in
good time from TUS Airways Call Centre (Tel. No: +357-24-200333) or e-mail

e) Archery equipment:

Ø One bow;

Ø One quiver;

Ø Arrows.

f) Fishing equipment:

Ø Two rods;

Ø One reel;

Ø One pair of fishing boots;

Ø One tackle box;

Ø  One landing net.

g) Bicycles should be packed, their handlebars should be fixed sideways, their pedals removed or fixed inwards and their tires should be flat.  (Four bicycles are allowed per sector).


h) Ski equipment (must be packed in a separate recognized ski or snowboard bag):

Ø One pair of skis (or water skis);

Ø Ski boots (packed separately with skis);

Ø Poles;

Ø A mask or helmet.

Sporting equipment will be charged extra at the Airport prior to departure

With respect to the transportation of your sporting equipment always please contact TUS
Airways Call Centre (Tel. No: +357-24-200333) or e-mail
for booking confirmation.

TUS Airways reserves the right not to accept the transportation of sporting equipment due to aircraft

4. Musical Instruments (Subject to space available)

One musical instrument may be carried in the cabin (free of charge) in addition to the hand baggage allowance provided that, its weight is up to the hand baggage allowance, and its dimensions fulfil the specifications below:

Height (cm)

Length (cm)

Width (cm) (or depth)




The Carriage of musical instruments is limited to the following items: a guitar, a violin (or family of string instruments) and wind instruments (i.e flutes etc).  Maximum measurements above are calculated with the instrument standing upright.

A musical instrument may also be carried at an extra seat (max weight 75 kilos and as per above mentioned dimensions) provided that the seat will be reserved and paid (price will exclude passenger surcharges and taxes – no additional baggage allowed for this seat).

Additional piece of musical instrument/s will also be treated as checked baggage and the relevant charges will apply. Musical instruments loaded in the holds should be properly packed in a hard case.

With respect to the transportation of your musical instruments always please contact TUS Airways Call Centre (Tel. No: +357-24-200333) or e-mail  for booking confirmation.

TUS Airways reserves the right not to accept the transportation of musical instruments due to
aircraft limitations.

5. Pets (PETC)

TUS Airways accepts only small dogs and cats in the cabin provided that, they are accompanied by valid
health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by countries of entry or transit.  The total gross weight of the pet (i.e. including the container/pet bag weight) must not exceed the 8 kilos and the dimensions of the container/pet bag must not exceed the 48 x 35 x 29cm.  PETS transported in the Cabin and will be charged as follows:


All Destinations (per
section at the Airport only)

Small (up to 8 kilos): In cabin

EUR 40 / USD 45

With respect to the transportation of your pet you must always contact TUS Airways Call Centre (Tel. No: +357-24-300333) or e-mail for booking confirmation.

Carriage of PETS from Unaccompanied minors is not permitted.

TUS Airways reserves the right not to accept the transportation of a pet due to aircraft limitations and cancel the transportation of a pet already confirmed under special circumstances and conditions that might arise at the last minute.

6. Items Forbidden to be Carried

Dangerous Goods, or prohibited items on aircraft, are items that may endanger the safety of and aircraft or
persons on board the aircraft. If you are not sure whether the item you wish to pack in your luggage is dangerous or for details on how to safely transport your dangerous goods, please contact TUS Airways Call Centre (Tel. No: +357-24-200333) or e-mail

Any other category which does not lie in the above will be treated according to the company´s policies and procedures. The company retains the right to refuse carriage of any baggage/equipment/pets which do not conform to the standards and allowance outlined above.